Student and Recreation Center

Student and Recreation Center topAuerbach Student Union 

The Student Lounge is designed for students to have an area where they can study, meet with fellow students or just relax between or after classes while playing piano, ping pong, or shooting pool. The furniture and amenities in the lounge provide students with many options while they are on campus. These include: 60 inch large screen television, satellite television, DVD and VHS player, Nintendo WI, surround sound stereo system, comfortable couches, tables, and chairs as well as café style tables and chairs located outside of the student lounge.

Student and Recreation Center bottom-rightStudent and Recreation Center bottom-leftFitness Center 

Work out on state-of-the-art fitness equipment while enjoying an incredible view of the Santa Monica mountains and San Fernando Valley. A DVD and VHS player is also available to those students that enjoy watching movies while working out. Please fill out the Fitness Center Waiver and Release of Liability and Fitness Center Readiness Questionnaire in the Residence Life Office.

Basketball Court and Field 

The residence hall facilities include a well lit basketball court and a field. Organize a basketball game or just shoot hoops night and day. The field is a great place to hold sports events such as soccer, football and/or Frisbee games.

pdf icon 17x15 Fitness Center Waiver and release of liability 
pdf icon 17x15 Fitness Center Readiness Questionnaire 
pdf icon 17x15 Fitness Center Regulations