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 Hebrew Summer Semester

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 In our Hebrew Summer Academic Session, you can catch up on missing academic semesters, or get ahead by advancing in your course work. If you plan to study for one of AJU academic Summer Sessions, please, consult your dean before registration.  

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Send completed enrollment applications to Arnie Weisberg at AWeisberg@aju.edu

  Summer Ulpan 2017 Final

Who Summer Session Serves 

  • Current AJU students
  • Newly Admitted AJU students
  • AJU Ziegler Rabbinic School Prospective Students
  • Visiting US University Students
  • Military and Government Personnel
  • High School Students

HEBREW I - 100-1
Focuses on essentials of spoken and written modern Hebrew for the beginner, and introduces the culture of Hebrew speakers. This course will be taught in Hebrew as much as possible.  
8 credit course in 6 weeks
July 5 - August 10
Monday through Thursday (two Fridays included: July 7 & July 14)
9:00am -3:00pm (lunch break included)
Tuition: $3,950 (tuition due by first day of instruction)  

 Course Standards:

The AJU Academic Hebrew Department adopted the language proficiency mode of ACTFEL- (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). ACTFL standards are defining what students should know and can do at each level of their foreign language class. At each level, there are specific criteria and goals that must be reached in the areas of speaking, reading and writing. The Conversation and Grammar sections are designed to help the students reach the desired level.

*Note: students who are prospects or admitted to continue to AJU Ziegler Rabbinic School must achieve at the end of the summer course a passing grade is 80. Hebrew I is a prerequisite for the Hebrew level II course.


“...for summertime, intensive Hebrew study, there is no other program that gives students a clear, structural understanding of Classical Hebrew grammar like the Ulpan at the American Jewish University. It is these skills that are critical for success in reading Mishnah, Halakhic literature and Tanakhic texts. We encourage all those who are interested in Rabbinical school, or in other Hebrew text study programs, to join us at AJU’s summer Hebrew classes. You won’t be disappointed”

Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits
Assistant Dean


HEBREW II - 100-2
8 credit course in 6 weeks
July 5 - August 10
Monday through Thursday (two Fridays are included: July 7 & July 14)
9:00am -3:00pm (lunch break included)
Tuition: $3,950 

Course Descriptions:

This course is a continuation of Hebrew I. Studies for this course is built upon mastering the skills of the verbs taught in HEB I: Pa’al, regular & irregular, including Pi’el in three tenses. In this course, you’ll complete the study of the seven regular major stems (binyanim) in all tenses. 

For more information call:
Era Zwickel
Academic Hebrew Program Coordinator
Email: ezwickel@aju.edu
Phone: (310) 440-1263