Quotes from Former BCI’ers

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2008 Gila Heller

"Having the opportunity to "get dirty" and engage in organic farming opened my eyes to issues of food justice and sustainability. The guest speakers who led our Beit Midrash sessions were academically stimulating and led me to consider various issues within the Jewish community that I had never thought about before."


2009 Shane Kotlyar

"I will never forget the time that I spent at BCI... it changed my life.  Part of me wishes that I could do it again.  But, I know that the experience could never be replicated.  I suppose that I wouldn’t want to do it again, as it was perfect the first time around."


2009 Evan Zeid

"...I had the time of my life.  A connection is formed with each person that you meet and interact with, participant and staff alike...There were truly moments and events that I will remember and cherish forever....It is a once in a lifetime experience that I’m not only proud to have participated in, but also eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to do so."


2010 Nathaniel Jhirad (Mumbai, India)

"BCI exposed me to young adults of different Jewish backgrounds.  It gave me a chance to understand the reasons why each of them observed Judaism in the manner they did...I see the positive effects of this interaction with Jews of different backgrounds, not only in my Jewish interactions, but also general life, and being more tolerant towards people of different religions as well."


2011 Kayla Glick

"I feel so supported by my Jewish values that BCI helped to solidify, and knowing that there exists a community of people willing to totally accept and support me without judgment, despite my flaws.  BCI helped me to realize that I don’t have to try to be anyone else – it’s really okay to just be me."


2011 Eleonora Sucharczuk (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"BCI was a life changing experience for me in every way...I can now say that I’ve never felt so comfortable being uncomfortable, and that the community we created provided me with a safe place to be myself as I explored my Jewish life in a pluralistic environment."


2011 Ben Wacks

"BCI does not just end on the last day of the program; you are part of this community forever.  To this day, all of us BCI’ers make every effort to stay in touch with each other no matter where we are in the world.  It definitely was one of the most meaningful and uplifting experiences I have ever had."